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Double Mango Proughnuts

Posted on Jan 31 by

So here’s the thing … as you can clearly see, I’m having some issues with my food photography.  More than usual 😉 My food photography studio has temporarily...


Raspberry Yoghurt Verrines

Posted on Jan 6 by

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday. Those of you who follow Chocolate Chilli Mango on Instagram will know that I have been...


Crazy about Nutella

Posted on Oct 6 by

You all know I love chocolate and hazelnuts.  It is by far my most favourite food combination ever.  In the universe.   Judging by the Nutella body of evidence, most of the world...


Mixed Berry Protein Muffins

Posted on Aug 16 by

Making fruit muffins at home always leaves me conflicted.  You see, mum and I are both of the more is definitely better when it comes to adding fruit to muffin batter.  Because...


Brûlée Tartes à l’Orange

Posted on Jul 9 by

Because it is Le Tour time again … three weeks of little or no sleep as I wish the time difference between the east coast of Australia and France were not so huge.   Our...


A whey with mandarins

Posted on Jul 3 by

Well, that was some pretty awful punning in the title, wasn’t it?  Still, you don’t see too many protein bars that practically scream with the fresh citrusy goodness...