Zaeti … Venetian Polenta Biscottini

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My favourite city in the world is Venezia.  I love her air of mystery, uniqueness, her astonishingly beautiful art, culture and history, and always that lingering sense of an undiscovered dark side to La Serenissma that you've just missed by

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Red Cross e-doorknock For Humanity

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A very quick post that's totally unrelated to recipes today.  As we are all painfully aware, the last few months have brought devastation and trauma and an horrific loss of life and subsistence to many across our region.  We've had

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Inner Beauty Hot Sauce & Chilli Jam … Peruvian style

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Do you ever find yourself attracted to a recipe just because it's humorous or maybe it sounds a little dangerous? I confess that's what first drew me to a recipe for Inner Beauty Hot Sauce.  I've always loved chillies but

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Revisiting an old friend … with a twist

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This time of year is my family's most active time for celebrations. Everything seems to happen early in the year.  We all have our birthdays between January and March.  Let's not forget we recently had Christmas (it seems so long

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