Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake

By | July 30th, 2011|All Recipe Posts, Cakes, Fruit|

I have to 'fess up to the fact that I am suffering from Post Tour de France Fatigue Syndrome.  Three weeks of sleepless nights due to the time difference was all  worth it for this cycling fan, particularly as I

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Mayan Mousse Cake Bliss

By | July 21st, 2011|All Recipe Posts, Cakes, Chocolate, Special Diet|

Can you hear that?  That's the sound of crickets ... it's been rather quiet around here lately.  Life takes over and it's hard to find the time to post anything.  Not that I haven't been baking and cooking up a

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Vanilla Charm Quark Ice Cream with Blueberries

By | July 14th, 2011|All Recipe Posts, Fruit, Ice cream & Sorbet, Special Diet|

Maybe it's because we are witnessing the end of the Space Shuttle era.  Maybe it's the run of documentaries about space and the origins of the universe that I've found myself watching lately.  But I've got rather nostalgic about my

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ABC Energy Bars

By | July 5th, 2011|All Recipe Posts, Protein, Protein Bars, Special Diet|

Look away now if you want pastries.  I promise something wicked for the next post :D Keep reading if you want a low carb snack after a workout that gives you your daily dose of heart healthy nuts and some

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Berry Chocolate Muscle Muffins

By | July 2nd, 2011|All Recipe Posts, Breakfast, Chocolate, Fruit, Protein, Protein Muffins, Special Diet|

Muscle muffins?  Really?  Well, hey, if I wrote Berry Chocolate Muffins they'd just sound delicious.  Oh wait.  They ARE delicious!  But they are also really good for you.  But they are seriously yum too. I don't believe in adjusting my

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