Cacao Passion Protein Mousse

Version 1: made with water and whey protein concentrate


Ahhh, there are as many ways to make a mousse as there are stars in the galaxy … trust me, I should know.

Ex-astrophysicist who makes lots of mousse.

Qualified 😀

If we were talking full-on wicked desserts, I’d be getting on my soapbox and ranting ad-nauseum about authenticity, the abomination I consider to be the adding of cream, and which chocolates marry well with various flavouring options.  Actually, that last one isn’t such a bad idea … BUT … we’re here to talk high protein mousse without the addition of fats and refined sugars.  Kinda limits the options, right?

Maybe.  The good news is, there’s a lot you can do with this recipe … pretty much anything that tickles your taste bud fantasy.  OK, within reason.

I added the pulp of a passion fruit because oh mamma, I love chocolate and passion fruit.  It’s mousse-arama.  But, you can add whatever you like.  Throw in some spices … how good would chilli and cinnamon be?  Toss in some pure extract of almond, vanilla, mint, whatever.  You could add some pulverised freeze-dried fruit, chopped or  puréed dates, or fruit … ooh orange zest with orange juice to replace the water or passionfruit!   Just don’t get carried away – keep any liquid quantities small or you’ll end up with a liquid mess 😀

If you’re not caring about the fat content so much,  use coconut cream or dairy cream instead of water.  You can even use some yoghurt or milk.  You can add in some cacao nibs or whatever you like if you want some crunch.   I have included two versions that I make often, below.

Version 1 is made with water and Version 2 uses low or non-fat yoghurt.  The latter gives a creamier, more full-bodied mousse with added protein, but will obviously add a little to the carb content.  Both are good, it just depends what you are looking to achieve and your tastebuds prefer.  I like the yoghurt version as a last meal on big workout days.  🙂

I normally make this with casein as it thickens the mousse and gives a really nice texture.  It also makes for a sensational last meal of the night.  This time, I also gave some unflavoured WPC a go and it was still pretty good.   As usual, this recipe works with unflavoured protein powders.  If you use sweetened and flavoured powders (you know, the rubbish with all the spakfilla taking up space where the protein should go), you may omit the sweetener but it will likely change the macros.

You’ll get the best mousse-like texture and macro count if you use fresh egg whites, however I was pretty happy trialing the egg white protein powder as a substitute.  It’s less dense in texture and lacks the same body of a mousse that you get from using the fresh whites, but the flavour was still great.  In a hands-down contest though?


I like the tangy sweetness of the passionfruit and the bitterness of the cacao and frankly, I don’t need the stevia.  But if you’ve got a sweet tooth in denial, add some stevia or whatever sweetener you like.  If you seriously don’t care and want to use sugar, go ahead and do it, but any sweetener you use may change the macros.   If using sugar, add it to the egg whites once you whisk them to soft peak stage and continue beating until the meringue is stiff.  This will dissolve the sugar.

Version 2: made with yoghurt and casein

This recipe is gluten, nut, and refined sugar-free.  Woohoo!

As is my wont, I have included the macronutrient profile below.  Version 1 packs an average 20 grams of quality protein, only 1.8 grams of fat, 3.4 grams of sugars, and punches above its weight in antioxidants from the raw cacao.  Plus, you get 7.7 grams of fibre.   Version 2 gives you around 26 grams of protein with 21.3 grams of carbs (8.7 grams sugars) and only 3.1 grams of fat and you’re still getting all that fibre.  Superfood? 🙂

Easy peasey cocoa squeezy … it takes like two minutes to make.  Whack it together before you hit the gym and when  you get back, whaaheeyyy!!!!

Energy to move, power to lift … enjoy!

Serves 1

Version 1: Water based
2 egg whites (or 4 teaspoons egg white protein powder + 4 tablespoons warm water)
pinch cream of tartar
20 grams raw cacao powder
10 grams whey protein powder (I used Professional Whey WPC – you can also use casein or egg white protein)
1 passion fruit
1/4 teaspoon 100% pure stevia extract (or to taste)
about 10 – 15 ml water
other flavouring, as desired (optional)

Version 2: Yoghurt based
2 egg whites (or 4 teaspoons egg white protein powder + 4 tablespoons warm water)
pinch cream of tartar
20 grams raw cacao powder
10 grams micellar casein powder (I used Professional Whey Micellar Casein – you can also use whey or egg white protein)
1 passion fruit
90 grams non-fat plain yoghurt
1/4 teaspoon 100% pure stevia extract (or other sweetener, to taste)
other flavouring, as desired (optional)

If using the egg white protein powder, whisk together the powder with the warm water until dissolved and let sit for a few minutes.  Whisk the egg white with the cream of tartar until stiff peaks form.  This will work really well if you are using fresh egg whites.  Using the egg white powder, I found I got a lovely meringue-like consistency between soft and stiff peaks as the best I could do.  It was fine.  The fresh egg whites will give you a mousse with more body but it still tastes the same 😀

Version 1: In a small bowl, mix together the cacao, whey (or casein, egg white, whatever), the passion fruit pulp, stevia, and water to a thick creamy consistency.  Add a little more water, if needed, to get the right consistency.

Version 2: In a bowl, mix together the cacao, casein (or whey, egg white, whatever), the passion fruit pulp, stevia, and yoghurt to a thick creamy consistency.

Use a wire whisk or metal spoon to gently fold the cacao mixture into the egg whites, taking care to not deflate the mixture too much.

Place into the fridge to chill before serving.  Eat.

Version 1: this version has less body but is still yum!


Macronutrient Profile
I’ve included the macros for both versions above.

Macros include use of fresh egg whites vs egg white protein powder.  Fresh is better on all fronts – both for texture and macros.

If you use a different protein powder it will alter the macros somewhat, although you can check that easily by following the link provided above to see what the variations are.

Remember that if you add other flavourings or sweeteners, it can change the macros … as does cream etc.

VERSION 1: Water and WPC

VERSION 2: Casein & Yoghurt


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