Amaretto Darkness Protein Truffles

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They say you shouldn't mix water with chocolate.  They are usually correct.  But not always :-) Last week, I decided I would spend seven days ... a whole week ... abstaining from all things chocolate.  No chocolate, no cacao, not

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Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

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mmm Chocolate Chilli Sweet Potato ... OK that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?  Actually, it's not so bad ... No way I would dethrone the mighty mango though.  But I do buy and cook a lot of

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Amarena Caramel Tart

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I like a little ambiguity in life.   Maybe that's why I love the darkest, most bittersweet chocolates. Warm chocolate ganache over cold gelato.  Zesty, pucker-up citrus with smooth, warm, nutty chocolate.   Hot, spicy chilli with silky, luscious mango. I must

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