Berry Protein Coppa Gelato

Well, it’s time to bring some ying to the yang, balance to The Force … let’s get some PROTEIN on the DESSERT TABLE.  It’s summer here and we should all be able to have gelato.   No fear, no favour, no guilt.  Just plenty of protein and fruity goodness.  Heck, even if it isn’t summer …

There are lots of protein ice-cream recipes around.  Really really good ones!  But I prefer Italian gelato to creamy ice-cream.  Must be in my genes.  Frankly, whey and casein just don’t taste so right for ice-cream, as they have very dominant flavours.   In my humblest opinion.  The texture is never quite right for gelato, either.  I don’t want to have to use an ice-cream scoop to make round balls of ice-cream.  I want to have to use  a flat spatula like a proper gelateria.  So it has to have that soft-serve gelato texture.

I may forego the waffle cone, but nobody can deny me a coppa gelato, maybe topped with some fruit … an umbrella?  OK, I left out the umbrella.  Too tacky.  I added frangipane blossoms instead.  On the side.  Sure you don’t care, but it’s summer and my frangipane tree is in full bloom and I’m proud 😀

Egg white protein powder just doesn’t get enough air time and accolades.  It is perfect for making protein gelato and so it’s also great if you have this for dessert as your last meal of the evening.  Slow digesting protein and yada yada … you know the drill.  You could make it with casein, but I swear it’s better with the egg white powder.  Hands down.

I’ve been making this repeatedly over the last couple of weeks, mostly with berries.  It’s also fabulous with mango, but I’ve been on a red theme for the last few posts so why stop now?  My personal favourite is raspberry (but yes, I love mango).  I love the tartness of raspberries in a cool gelato.  You can add some stevia or sweetener of your choice, if you like.  I only add a little if I’m making it to share.

Whatever fruits you use, make sure they are ripe and full of flavour.  Delicate fruits won’t necessarily work as well as the flavour can be bland.  Berries, cherries, mango, banana, passionfruit, yellow peaches are all good examples of fruit that would work.  I tend to use berries mostly in summer.  Lighter in sugar and other carbs and full of amazing goodness.  There is no berry badness.

This gelato is so easy to prepare.  You don’t need any mad kitchen skills, candy thermometers (no added sugar), fancy appliances (unless you have them and like to wield them), or qualifications from culinary academies.

It’s light but punches above its weight on protein, has only good carbs from the fruit, and you’ll need a scanning electron microscope to find the fat molecules cos there’s hardly any.   You’re also getting the bonus of some serious fibre.  Just check out the macros below the recipe.  Whoaa.

Importantly, this?  This is GELATO.  It makes you feel like you’re in Italy in the summer.  Where’s my Vespa?

Power to lift, energy to move … enjoy!

Serves 1 – 2  (recipe can be doubled or scaled for multiple servings)

100 grams low-fat cottage cheese (I use Elgaar Farm Organic, 1% fat)
60 grams non-fat plain/Greek yoghurt (I use Elgaar Farm Organic, 0.1% fat)
25 grams egg white protein powder (I use Professional Whey Egg White Protein)
150 grams fresh or frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries, cherries, mixed berries, snozzberries* :-D), or other fruit
stevia to taste (optional)

*OK snozzberries are a Willy Wonka reference.  I’ve been sans chocolate and cacao for 5 days and it’s taking its toll :-/

Blend together all ingredients using a stick blender or in a food processor.  That was hard, wasn’t it?  Maximum points for saving effort.

If you have an ice-cream maker, you can churn the gelato according to the instructions before serving.

Otherwise, place the gelato into an airtight container and place in the freezer for about an hour.  Remove and blend the gelato again.  Use a stick blender or a hand-held whisk or even a fork.  Make sure you mix it well so the ice crystals disperse evenly.  Repeat this once or twice before scooping out to serve.

Bonus, you got a bit of an arm workout and lowered your carbon footprint in the process if you opted for a whisk or fork.

If you use frozen berries or fruit, you could even serve it immediately.

How hard was that?  😀

Macronutrient Profile
I have provided macros based on the ingredients I’ve used.  If you use different cheeses or yoghurt, there will be some variation.  I would suggest you use a high protein yoghurt (Greek yoghurt in some countries has a higher protein content but not here in Australia necessarily).

I’ve also based it on using raspberries as the fruit.  It’s the one I’ve made most often and they are great in having fewer carbohydrates/sugars but are really high in fibre.  They also taste amazing.

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