Almond Milk & Loaf … waste not, want not

By | February 26th, 2012|All Recipe Posts, Breads & Quickbreads, Breakfast, Cakes, Nuts, Protein, Special Diet|

Almondfest 2012 is still going strong here in the Land of CCM :-) Remember I mentioned making my own almond milk?  Oh mamma, how good is homemade almond milk, chilled, on a hot summer's day?  There are no words sufficient

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Lemon & White Chocolate Trüffeltorte

By | February 24th, 2012|All Recipe Posts, Cakes, Chocolate, Desserts, Fruit, Special Diet|

I wish I had a funky story to write about.  I don't.  I don't even have fabulous photos to share.  Life now is all about work ... renovations ... cleaning ... work ... I wish I could just spend more

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Lemony Almond Protein Bread

By | February 22nd, 2012|All Recipe Posts, Nuts, Protein, Protein Bread, Savouries, Special Diet|

Welcome to Almondfest 2012 ... or maybe Protein Bread Fest? Anyone following the CCM Facebook page will notice I've gone totally nuts with the almonds lately.  I've recently started making my own fresh almond milk again, after a long period

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Lime & White Rum Truffles

By | February 12th, 2012|All Recipe Posts, Chocolate, Confectionery, Fruit, Special Diet|

I cannot totally express my joy at spending an evening in my kitchen surrounded by the sight and aromas of sifted cacao and ... oh my sweet criollo ... melting couverture.  Since my week of chocolate abstinence, I've hardly eaten

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Whey To Go Protein Bread

By | February 3rd, 2012|All Recipe Posts, Protein, Protein Bread, Special Diet|

We're clearly on a fitness bender over at my place now.  Well ... *looks around in vain* ... at least I am.  No fear.  Desserts, cakes, pastry, whatever coming up again soon what with a few birthdays and an anniversary

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