Crostata di Fichi Freschi e Ficonero

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Ah, the onset of autumn.  It's arrived here in Melbourne, but it's not yet fully arrived.  It doesn't quite feel final yet.  We have that mish-mash of weather that's downright confusing but also comforting in that we can enjoy a

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Chocolate Banana Protein Bread

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I've recently been craving a sweet bread for breakfast again, but I don't like anything cakey or too sweet first thing in the morning.  I prefer my breakfast to be infused with a natural fruity sweetness from fresh fruits ...

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Chestnut Protein Cakes … or Not Quite Castagnaccio

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I am still in the midst of coming to terms with The Kitchen Cupboard Uncertainty Principle as we shift stuff around the house to reorganise our storage.  Having survived the passage through our Renovation Event Horizon, there's literally, stuff everywhere. 

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Frosted Caramelly Protein Muffins

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I haven't made muffins in a while.  This cannot be a good thing.  Something about karmic balance or upsetting the space-time continuum or possibly a disturbance in The Force.  Whatever.  So I made a batch of caramelly protein muffins. To

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