Crossing the Streams

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Life is about compromise.  You really cannot please all people all the time.   I have been doing a lot of compromising of late.  It can wear you down.  Sap your energy.  Leave you feeling that you have neglected the things that are important priorities in your own world.

It pays to take a step back and renegotiate your boundaries.  That is my task for this week.

I have neglected the blog recently and have found it difficult to dedicate my time and energy towards all things Chocolate Chilli Mango … all the fantastic ideas and plans that are so clear in my head.  Lots of things I want to be able to share with you all this year.  I may not be able to do it all this year, as planned, but I am intent on reclaiming my Chocolate Chilli Mango priorities.   I probably need a white board!

This blog is about compromise too.  I cannot please all of you all the time.  Some of you are here for cupcakes, tarts, and macarons.  Some of you are here for the protein breads and bars and other healthy treats.   I may post a cupcake recipe and lose a few friends, because they expect me to post more protein recipes, only to lose a few more perhaps when I do and they are expecting a chocolate tart (hmm, I should post a chocolate tart recipe).

Occasionally, though, one of you will cross the divide and try something that defies the reason you first visited the blog and it opens up a new world of possibilities.  Perhaps a protein bread you adapt and love, or a new ingredient or flavour pairing you never expected would work but it really does.  I love hearing from you when you do that!

They say you should never cross the streams.

Well, OK, the Ghostbusters said that and I am a product of my generation 😉

But crossing the streams is wonderful (it worked rather well for the Ghostbusters too).  Maybe there are more of you, like me, who like to march along with a foot in both camps … or at least, are willing to try.

So this time, we’re going to cross the streams.  A little something for everyone.

It all started with baking a batch of my Awesome Choc Chip Protein Bombs last weekend, to take to a national powerlifting competition (I was there in a spectator capacity only obviously).  It was an amazing weekend and I got to meet up with some fantastic friends, some of whom I’d only got to know online before.  I’m also feeling super motivated in the gym!  Oh right, back to the cookies …

I made them with peanut butter this time, knowing that everyone would love that (they did, duh!).  Then I got to thinking …

How much better would these be if there were more maple syrup and crunchy peanuts in these cookies?

How much better would they be if they were dipped in chocolate instead of having a few chocolate chips inside?

Thus was born the Snickers Cookie … each one encased in a chocolate shell, full of crunchy roasted peanuts and the lovely caramel flavour of maple syrup and coconut sugar.

Not the sugar free confections I usually make with added protein but a wonderful compromise between a bona fide sweet cookie and optional added protein.   You can make these cookies two ways, both of which are included in the recipe below.

They are dairy and gluten-free but obviously contain peanuts.  If you have a peanut allergy, feel free to use almonds, if you can, or perhaps use tahini or sunflower nut butter as a substitute for the peanut butter.  The caramel baking bits are an optional extra (and are not dairy free).  I actually prefer the cookies without them.

I have had to compromise on the photos again this time.  No time to think about styling or mucking about to outwit the harsh winter light over the last few days.   Perhaps we can overlook the thought that we feast with the eyes first and you can trust me enough to know that these cookies are the shizz 🙂

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Snickers Cookies

Yield: Protein Version: about 25 cookies; Plain Version: about 20 cookies

Serving Size: 1 cookie

Calories per serving: Macros are included below the recipe

I have included both a protein boosted version and a plain version in order to cater for everyone. The instructions are exactly the same for both. The protein version yields slightly more cookies but ultimately, it depends on how big or small you like your cookies.

You can use more maple syrup to make the caramelised peanuts, if you want a really toffee like flavour. I have held back only because I try to keep my overall sugar consumption down. Feel free to use around 30ml of maple syrup. Just watch that it does not burn in the oven.

Enrobing your cookies: I have specified the nett amount of chocolate that will coat the cookies. This is the amount that I have factored in to the macros. To enrobe them easily, you will need to melt more than this. I would suggest around 450 grams in total.

Use the best dark or milk chocolate you can get, according to your preference. I used a Felchlin 52% Dark Rondo for this. I did not use a 70% or greater as I think a milder dark chocolate goes really well with the peanuts and caramelly flavours. It's up to you 🙂


Protein Version

250 grams dry roasted peanuts

112 grams whole eggs (2 x 59 grams in the shell)

50 grams pea protein powder

35 gram granulated coconut sugar

50 millilitres pure maple syrup

1.5 grams (1/4 teaspoon) sea salt

5 grams (1 teaspoon) bicarbonate of soda

75 grams dry roasted peanuts, extra

15 millilitres pure maple syrup, extra

75 grams caramel baking bits (optional)

380 grams chocolate couverture

Plain Version

250 grams dry roasted peanuts

56 grams whole egg (1 x 59 grams in the shell)

35 gram granulated coconut sugar

50 millilitres pure maple syrup

1.5 grams (1/4 teaspoon) sea salt

5 grams (1 teaspoon) bicarbonate of soda

75 grams dry roasted peanuts, extra

15 millilitres pure maple syrup, extra

75 grams caramel baking bits (optional)

380 grams chocolate couverture



Preheat the oven to 180℃. Line one large and one small baking sheet with silicone paper or a silpat sheets.

Add the peanuts to the bowl of a food processor and process until smooth and creamy. Transfer to the bowl of a mixer.

Add the eggs, pea protein (if using), coconut sugar, maple syrup, sea salt, and bicarbonate of soda. Mix well using the paddle attachment.

Combine the extra peanuts and maple syrup and place on the small baking tray. Spread the mixture out evenly.

Place in the oven for about 5 to 6 minutes at 180℃, until the maple syrup starts to caramelise around the peanuts. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool slightly.

When cool, add the caramelised peanuts and the caramel baking bits (if using) to the cookie dough and mix well to combine.

Shape the dough into balls and flatten slightly when placed on the baking tray. Leave a little room between them to allow for a little spreading and air to circulate.

Bake at 180℃ for about 10 minutes, or until golden. They will still be a little soft but will crisp up a little as they cool. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool completely.

Enrobing the cookies with chocolate

Either precrystallise (temper) the chocolate or melt it over hot water or in the microwave. Tempering the chocolate will give you a proper shell that will set within minutes at room temperature and stay shiny with a good snap.

Either way, check your chocolate before dipping the cookies. Use a pastry scraper or spoon dipped in the chocolate. Let it set. It should set shiny and without streaks. This should take up to 3 minutes for dark chocolate and can take up to 7 minutes for milk chocolate. For dark chocolate, try to keep it at or near 32℃ as you work and for milk around 28℃. Stir it and check it again as you work.

Use a dipping fork or regular fork to dip each cookie carefully into the chocolate, letting excess chocolate drain off. Place each dipped cookie on to a lined baking sheet. Let the cookies set at room temperature, preferably around or just below 20℃.

Store the cookies in an airtight container at room temperature. They should keep for up to a week.

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Macronutrient Profile

I have included macros only for the protein version this time as I know this is the one that will be of most interest.

There are macros for the recipe with and without the chocolate shell and with and without the optional caramel bits.

The chocolate macros are based on the 52% Felchlin couverture that I have used and the nett 380 grams of chocolate that forms the shells for the cookies.  This serves as a reasonable guideline between very dark and milk chocolate.  However, there is considerable variation between different chocolates, particularly the amounts of carbohydrates.  This is true even for chocolates of similar cacao percentages, as the amount of sugar added to them varies.

You can easily add in the macros for the chocolate you use based on type of chocolate and weight to the macros for the uncoated cookies.  You can also work out the macros per cookie if your yield is different.

Snickers Cookies_Protein with Caramel Bits_macros

Snickers Cookies_Protein without Caramel Bits_macros

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