Chilli Protein Pancakes (Flourless)

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It’s winter and I am still harvesting chillies in my backyard.

It makes perfect sense for my rocotos as they fruit several times per year and a winter fruiting is not unusual.   The temperatures this winter have not been as harsh as recent years in Melbourne.

But to find my Habanero plants still bearing fruit in July is highly irregular.   It is just not logical.   Especially as I grow them as organically as possible.  So I’ve been slicing them up, curing them under salt then vinegar, and bottling under extra virgin olive oil.  I get lovely fresh, summery tasting chillies as well as the best chilli oil on the planet!


Spock wins

Damn straight, Spock baby.  While you’re here: I miss you, Spock.  Just sayin’.

I have been adding chilli to practically everything for months now.  Well, I usually do anyway, but the abundance of them this year has made me a poster child for Chilliheads Anonymous.

If I’m adding them to chocolates, gelato, desserts, cakes, and most savoury dishes, there is no reason to stop doing so when it comes to pancakes, is there?

No.  No reason at all.

So I made chilli pancakes for dinner.  With some sliced Habanero thrown in.  And some extra hot Habanero sauce.  Just in case the fresh ones were not on their game, having grown in the cold.

They were sensational!   So I made them a few more times.  Just to be sure … and because I used sweet potato the first time and I wondered how they’d go with pumpkin.  As you do.

Also because I’ve been road testing a new whey powder and I wanted to try it in these pancakes.  Being flourless, they only have the pumpkin (or sweet potato) and the psyllium to provide the structure and necessary bulk to form a pancake.

With all the moisture from the vegetable and egg whites, whey is perfect for these pancakes.    I’d recommend a whey protein concentrate for the best results, but honestly, the amount used means you could use an isolate instead.  I recommend unflavoured whey or, if you must use a flavoured whey, try vanilla.  This is a savoury pancake dish and works best with the unsweetened, unflavoured variety.

I’ve road tested lots of protein powders and I rarely recommend them because they so often fail the flavour, texture, and usability tests.  For me, at least.  I like my protein powders to be largely unadulterated as that means I can be more creative with them in the kitchen.

This whey is brilliant.  It was launched fairly recently by The Organic Protein Company in the UK, but they ship internationally too.  More WIN.

The texture is silky, it mixes really well, it’s light, and the flavour is completely neutral, with no strong milky aroma or flavour.  It is also very low in lactose, making it suitable for many people with lactose intolerance (highly sensitive individuals may still react, of course, so you are the best judge of your own situation).

If choosing organic is important to you, this could be your whey nirvana 🙂  I’ve used it to mix in with my crazy flex bowls of yoghurt (I post those to Instagram)  as well as in other protein desserts and recipes in which I’d use whey.  I highly recommend it.

So, in keeping with the organic nature of both the whey and my chillies, I made these pancakes with organic pumpkin (I recommend Jap pumpkin for these) and I’ve made them with organic sweet potato.  The quark I use is also organic as is the maple syrup I poured over the top.

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If you like savoury-sweet pancakes, this could be the protein pancake recipe for you.  And look, no kale or broccoli were harmed.  Kidding.  Sort of 😉

The macros are stupendous and included below the recipe.  High in protein and fibre and low in both sugars and fats.  A great post workout meal and leaves you leeway to serve with whatever you like or whatever fits 🙂

I’m off to cure more chillies and inspect them for alien DNA.  Because they seriously should have stopped producing by now.

Chilli Protein Pancakes (Flourless)

Yield: 4 - 6 pancakes

Serving Size: Serves 1 as a stack or 2 - 3 as an accompaniment

These pancakes are a savoury option and completely flourless. This makes them lighter and more delicate than traditional pancakes BUT they are still very filling due to their high protein and fibre content.

In keeping with the beautiful organic whey used in this recipe, I have also used organic Jap pumpkin (or organic sweet potato) and my favourite organic quark.

I have made this recipe with both pumpkin and sweet potato and they are different but both delicious.

I like these served with a little maple on top but they are also fantastic served with some rashers of bacon, avocado, eggs, or whatever else you feel like when hungry.

A great breakfast or post workout meal!


100 grams cooked sweet potato or pumpkin (steamed or baked, drained and peeled)

120 grams egg whites

25 grams skim quark (or low fat smooth cottage cheese)

20 grams natural whey protein concentrate (I used The Organic Protein Company Whey)

2.5 grams (1/2 teaspoon) gluten-free baking powder

5 grams psyllium husk

1 small habanero, sliced thinly (or your favourite chilli)

An optional dash of habanero sauce (I used a few drops of Venom)

To Serve:

Maple syrup

Avocado, bacon, eggs, guacamole, or anything else that you fancy


Combine all the ingredients for the pancake batter into a bowl.

Use a stick blender to whizz the batter until smooth.

Stir in the sliced habanero (or other chilli) and sauce, if using.

Let the batter sit for a few minutes as you heat your pancake pan.

It is quite thin for a pancake batter but the psyllium will start to absorb some of the moisture to bind it. This will help provide some structure for the pancakes, as they are completely flourless.

Use whatever fat you prefer (if any) to cook the pancakes. I just used olive oil spray but butter, coconut oil, anything you like will do.

Ladle 1/4 or 1/6 of the batter at a time to make your pancakes, depending on the size you prefer.

Cook a few minutes before flipping to cook the other side.

Serve pancakes warm as an accompaniment to a savoury breakfast or on their own topped with whatever you like.

Even a simple drizzle of maple syrup goes brilliantly with the zing of chilli. Hot and sweet. 🙂

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Macronutrient Profile

I have included the macros for the recipe as stated.  The macros relate to the pancakes, without added toppings such as maple syrup or savoury items.

The macros also do not include any additional added fat for cooking as this can vary depending on what you use and how much.  Please be aware of that and account for any extras you use.

The amount of habanero used in the recipe is about 3-5 grams.  It really does not contribute much to the overall macros.  Neither does the Venom sauce that I used.  A few drops are essentially energy free.

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