Double Mango Proughnuts

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So here's the thing ... as you can clearly see, I'm having some issues with my food photography.  More than usual ;) My food photography studio has temporarily been converted into hijacked by two very cute but very evil kittens,

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Raspberry Yoghurt Verrines

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Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday. Those of you who follow Chocolate Chilli Mango on Instagram will know that I have been manically working on my chocolate business over recent

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Mixed Berry Protein Muffins

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Making fruit muffins at home always leaves me conflicted.  You see, mum and I are both of the more is definitely better when it comes to adding fruit to muffin batter.  Because we love our fruit and more of it

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The Merits of the Mise en Place (and chocolate cake)

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One of the best tips I could give to anyone who is new to baking (or even those who are more experienced) is to prepare their mise en place before mixing and baking. My mise en what? I hear you

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Persimmon Pudding with Lemon Balm

By | 2017-01-09T17:21:47+00:00 May 19th, 2015|All Recipe Posts, Bars & Slices, Cakes, Desserts, Fruit|

I love Autumn foods.  Much more than I love the Autumn weather and certainty that Winter is coming.  But the produce!  Wow.  The second blush of raspberries is always the best for me, even though I know they will soon

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