Hazelnut Dulcey Protein Bombs

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By the gods, it's been a while between drinks blog posts cookies ... So, my oven is still technically kaput.  But lately, I've had the most awesome good luck in bypassing its worst foibles.  Stuff like random changes in temperature

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Double Strawberry Macarons … au naturale

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Me: Hey, I've got these leftover egg whites.  What ... ? My father: Macarons! I got no further with my question.  I made macarons.  Strictly speaking, these strawberry beauties are the second batch after reaching this "consensus".  But more on

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Zaeti … Venetian Polenta Biscottini

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My favourite city in the world is Venezia.  I love her air of mystery, uniqueness, her astonishingly beautiful art, culture and history, and always that lingering sense of an undiscovered dark side to La Serenissma that you've just missed by

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