Hazelnut Dulcey Protein Bombs

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By the gods, it's been a while between drinks blog posts cookies ... So, my oven is still technically kaput.  But lately, I've had the most awesome good luck in bypassing its worst foibles.  Stuff like random changes in temperature

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Guest Post: Tiramisù a là Gourmantine

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I wish I had the time to follow and read more food blogs, but the reality is that I don't.   So I only consistently stalk follow a select few that I absolutely could not live without.  For their recipes, witty

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Tiramisu` Protein Pancakes

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I usually make a tiramisù at Easter.  It is a wonderful tiramisù and deservedly popular.  I won't even bother with false modesty on this one.  It's sensational. Those of you who follow the Facebook page would know that I attended

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Chestnut Protein Cakes … or Not Quite Castagnaccio

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I am still in the midst of coming to terms with The Kitchen Cupboard Uncertainty Principle as we shift stuff around the house to reorganise our storage.  Having survived the passage through our Renovation Event Horizon, there's literally, stuff everywhere. 

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Espresso Chocolate Protein Torte

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Coffee.  Chocolate.  Wrapped up in protein.  In cake form.  With frosting.  MMMMMMMMM. I always think protein cakes are a bit of an acquired taste.  One that I, personally, have acquired in rampant abundance.  Love them.  But I usually assume the

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