Lemon and Ginger Pear Muffins

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For someone obsessed by all things chocolate and patisserie related, I can be extremely odd at times.   Most of the time.  Pretty much all the time, without exception, in point of fact. This weekend, I took my mother out for

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Vanilla Passion Proughnuts

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I've been playing around with passionfruit in the kitchen for a few weeks now.  My natural instincts would have lead me to a tangy, fruity dessert or pastry ... passionfruit curd tart, passionfruit macarons, passionfruit and chocolate entremet, passionfruit and

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Banana Chocolate Chunk Protein Bread

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You'd be forgiven for wondering why the number of recipes pairing bananas and chocolate on this blog are proliferating.  Well, the truth is ... I really love bananas with chocolate.  But I've also found that bananas, like berries, are a

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Almond Milk & Loaf … waste not, want not

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Almondfest 2012 is still going strong here in the Land of CCM :-) Remember I mentioned making my own almond milk?  Oh mamma, how good is homemade almond milk, chilled, on a hot summer's day?  There are no words sufficient

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Low Carb Protein Bars … Working (it) Out

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When too much protein bar just isn't enough ... and it just isn't.   Is it?   No!  So here we are again ... This is Part II of the protein bar experiments I've conducted over the past month or so.   Well,

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