Mixed Berry Protein Muffins

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Making fruit muffins at home always leaves me conflicted.  You see, mum and I are both of the more is definitely better when it comes to adding fruit to muffin batter.  Because we love our fruit and more of it

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Chocolate Strawberry Protein Loaf

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I rather like the idea of chocifying the world.  Heck, the whole universe is better with a little chocolate shared around. If someone tells me they don't like brussel sprouts, my response is usually ... Well, you can't be expected

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Double Strawberry Macarons … au naturale

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Me: Hey, I've got these leftover egg whites.  What ... ? My father: Macarons! I got no further with my question.  I made macarons.  Strictly speaking, these strawberry beauties are the second batch after reaching this "consensus".  But more on

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Berry Chocolate Muscle Muffins

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  Muscle muffins?  Really?  Well, hey, if I wrote Berry Chocolate Muffins they'd just sound delicious.  Oh wait.  They ARE delicious!  But they are also really good for you.  But they are seriously yum too. I don't believe in adjusting

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