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Great chocolate should linger in the memory long after it has been enjoyed.

At Chocolate Chilli Mango, we have combined a lifetime’s passion for fine chocolate with creative flair, to bring you our unique range of handcrafted chocolates.  All our chocolates and confectionery are made right here in Melbourne by our head chocolatier, Viviane Buzzi.  Our range is ever changing, with a mix of favourites, and unique limited edition flavours, showcasing a mix of fresh seasonal and exotic ingredients.

We use only the finest French couverture for all our chocolates, infusing them with fresh nuts and fruits, exotic spices and Australian bush foods, and more.   We believe strongly in supporting local producers, sourcing as much of our fresh ingredients from trusted local suppliers and farmers.  Where we cannot source an ingredient locally, we seek out the finest quality ingredients from around the world to ensure we never compromise on our commitment to quality and flavour.

Every chocolate we create is made with passion and the desire to bring to you an experience that is both unique and memorable.  We hope you enjoy our chocolates as much as we enjoy making them for you.

“I love both the creative expression and highly technical nature of working with chocolate.  It appeals to the scientist in me – the possibilities in using technical knowledge and one’s imagination to discover and create something wonderful”.

Viviane’s love affair with chocolate and pastry began early in life and has remained a passion ever since. She started baking at a young age, poring over cookbooks, and delighting family and friends with her creations.  Her other passion was astrophysics, although secretly she really wanted to join Starfleet and explore the galaxy.  While studying for her PhD in theoretical physics, she also studied classical French and Italian pastry techniques and chocolate making.

Viviane began her career as a theoretical physicist, studying the workings of astrophysical plasmas around black holes and neutron stars.  Throughout her academic career, and well into her subsequent corporate life, Viviane moonlighted for her own business, making bespoke celebration cakes and chocolates and supplying cafes with cakes and biscotti.

A competition in The Age newspaper in 2006 lead to a stint as a columnist in The Age Epicure, writing a baking column for the home baker.  From here grew a love of food writing and sharing stories and recipes.  In 2010, Viviane diverted her attentions to writing a food blog.  Her own fitness journey lead Viviane to help pioneer a trend for creating healthier and more balanced recipes aimed at athletes and the fitness community.  Her recipes have been published in a number of cookbooks, and she has authored her own book of fitness recipes, Protein Baking Evolved.

Her love of chocolate eventually brought Viviane back full circle to study the art of making chocolate and pastries again.  In 2014, Viviane set up her own chocolate business.  It is here that she is happiest, taking inspiration from amazing ingredients and the aroma and flavour notes of different couvertures – using the science of food pairing and her imagination, to create unique pieces of edible art.